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Third Week of February – Update

Update for this Third Week of February

Third Week of February, 2021.
Here’s what’s been going on this week:

Phoenix Fire Press

  • Updated all the sites
  • Added like and share buttons
  • Added “follow on WordPress” buttons
  • Added Twitter, IG, and goodreads buttons where applicable
  • Gathering information for my first post on my journey as a self-publisher

Author EIQ

  • Shared a new poem: The Bonsai
  • Hard at work on the next short story
    • Tentatively called, “Best Friends”
  • Getting things ready for publishing “The Drive”

Lizi D’Avila

  • Just uploaded her new release, Wanton at the Wine Festival
  • Getting her graphics ready to share the cover, description, and sneak peek on IG
  • Working on her Frisky Fridays Flash Fiction post
  • Getting her weekend posts ready for IG
  • Sexy Saturdays
  • Self-Care Sundays

I believe that’s plenty going on, not to mention trying to keep up with social media interactions! Plus, I cannot believe it’s already the third week of February … 2021. Is anyone still writing 2020? I wouldn’t blame you. It felt like the year that would never end.

I’ll be sharing the image and link to E. I. Q.’s new poem over on the Poetry page, as well. That way, even if you miss an update post, you’ll always know where to find them!

What’s Next?

I’m working on adding comments. Okay … I’m deciding whether or not to add comments. There’s user data to think about, not to mention spam. I’m not sure it’s something I want to have to manage at this point, to be honest. What do you think? Pop on over to the Contact Page or Twitter and let me know.

Also … yes, I realize it’s already Wednesday. Actually, now it’s Thursday. I fully intend to post these updates on Mondays but the week just slipped out of my hands. That’s part of the challenge of being indie, of course. If you don’t get things done, they simply don’t get done.

Lizi’s Book 7 is Now Live!

Lizi’s Book 7, Crazed at the Casino, is now live and available for purchase on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! You can also find it on goodreads.

Blurb From Lizi’s Site

Crazed at the Casino, follows Aymee, a new attorney who’s living in Little Havana while she gets her career up and running. Desperate for a night out, she calls up her favorite party girl, Maggie. When she finds out they’re headed to the local casino, she pushes her skepticism aside in the hopes of finally having a good time. Then, she spots Julio … and things quickly get caliente.

You can read her update and get more details on her site, Lizi D’Avila.

Lizi’s Book 7

Crazed at the Casino, is the seventh short story in Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series. Available exclusively on Amazon, one new story is being published weekly.

Each release is a stand alone short story—you can pick up any one of them and start reading from there! They’re all set in Miami and follow one couple, in the midst of whatever else is going on in their lives, as they meet or reunite, and give in to their passions. Whether the story ends with a happily ever after (HAE) or a happy for now (HFN), they’re sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

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