WantonTitle: Wanton at the Wine Festival
Series: Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series #9
Published by: Phoenix Fire Press, Ltd. Company
Release Date: February 17, 2021
Contributors: Lizi D'Avila
Pages: 28

Alejandra has been the model daughter all her life. She’s always gotten good grades, participated in extra-curriculars, and helped out as much as she could while her parents wrestled with her older, troublemaker sister.
Now that she’s finished grad school … well, she was expecting something. Oh, they’d congratulated her, sure. But they’d cancel their celebratory plans for the day—Ileana was in trouble. Again. Her parents had left Ale a text while she was asleep, telling her they were flying out to visit her sister in New York. Blah blah, they would keep her updated.
Newly returned to Miami, her circle is small, and there’s no love life to speak of. On a whim and feeling unlike herself, she decides to head to the annual wine festival on South Beach. Someone at work had mentioned it and she needed to do something!
Dressed sexier than usual, she heads out for the day. She’s sure she’s going to have a great time, feeling suddenly buoyant and excited. As she makes her way through the entrance, she bumps into him.
He had teased her mercilessly all through high school, then had had the audacity to end up at the same local university. She’d only escaped him by going out of state to finish her education. Before she can run, he grabs her hand and apologizes.
Fuming, she snatches her hand away and wanders off, hell bent on getting hammered. But he won’t leave her alone. He says all he wants to do is explain his past behavior. Will she give him a chance to make things right between them? Or will she drown her pain in the wine and head home alone?

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