A couple on the beach.Title: Alluring at Art Deco
Series: Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series #4
Published by: Phoenix Fire Press, Ltd. Company
Release Date: January 15, 2021
Contributors: Lizi D'Avila
Pages: 27

Carmen is tired of scraping by as a server and living with a roommate. She’s a college graduate, hardworking and reliable. She’s also up to her ears in debt in the middle of a jobs crisis.
All she’d ever wanted to do was paint. Spending her free time locked in her room to work on her art had kept her sane. It had also killed her social life.
Desperate to get out of her rut and find inspiration, she heads to the beach for the Art Deco festival. It had been years since she’d made time to go, and had traded off her Sunday shift at work to be able to make it this year.
Enjoying the festival—all the art and food and culture!—she feels someone staring at her. When she catches him, it appears he’s sketching her. Looking him over, she smiles and poses playfully. He shoots her a quick grin and the attraction hits her right in the belly.
He has a face I could make a study of.
Crossing the street on impulse, she intends to introduce herself. She could use a new friend—especially an artist. When he stands at her approach, it almost puts a hitch in her stride. He's tall, lean and ripped beneath his tank, with shaggy dark hair framing his sun-kissed skin. Art forgotten, she feels a growing urge to make another kind of study of his body, too.

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