Crazed at the CasinoTitle: Crazed at the Casino
Series: Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series #7
Published by: Phoenix Fire Press, Ltd. Company
Release Date: February 05, 2021
Contributors: Lizi D'Avila
Pages: 25

Aymee just wants to have fun. She finally embarked on her law career last year, which has taken up most of her time. What little time she’s had left she’s had to spend with her overly demanding family. Unfortunately, having been so overwhelmed, her friends had stopped calling and her love life ground to a halt.
Deciding that enough’s enough—no one’s going to die if she spends one Friday night not glued to the phone or rushing over at a moment’s notice—she calls up Maggie. Always ready for a night out, Maggie waves off the apologies for the time apart and tells Aymee to put on something sexy.
As they head out, Aymee finds out they’re on their way to the local casino. She’s never been, but Maggie swears it’s going to be fun. Lots of men—alone for the night—with plenty of money to spend.
As they stroll through the casino, she realizes Maggie’s right. There’s men, money, and a lot of alcohol. Also, a lot of very sexy women. The men were playing for money, but it seemed the ladies were playing for men tonight.
The moment she walks past the poker room, she sees him.
He’s one of the well-established and successful attorneys in her building—top floor suite. He’s out for the night with some friends and, as far as she can tell, he’s not with a woman. Feeling her stare, he looks up from his hand and catches her eye.
Appraising her without shame, he flashes her a quick grin and jerks his head to invite her over. She doesn’t want to make it too easy for him, but Maggie’s shameless … and already crossing the room to his table! Taking a seat next to Julio while Maggie sits down giggling between his friends, Aymee realizes she might be out of her league.
The stakes are high—her reputation, her pleasure, and maybe her heart. Should she take the chance on the cards the night has dealt her? Or should she fold and remain a spectator in the game of love?

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