Ah, Lizi D’Avila and Erotic Romance. Lizi has a short story series currently available on Kindle Unlimited, Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series. She’s working on her first full length trilogy, as well.

She began publishing a series of short stories earlier this year. They’re standalone quick reads, set in Miami, with a little bit of heart and a lot of heat. She also posts flash fiction and poetry on her site. You can find out more by visiting Lizi D’Avila.

Here’s a Preview of her Latest Release: Playful at the Park

I’m also sharing the book details for Caliente Connections: A Miami Erotic Romance Series below.

Book 10

Book 9

Book 8

Book 7

Book 6

Book 5

Book 4

Book 3

Book 2

Book 1

Lizi on Phoenix Fire Press

I’ll be adding the new books to this section as they’re published. The dedicated Lizi D’Avila site includes these books and descriptions, too. However, it also includes blog posts about what she’s working on, updates on releases, and her plans for the future. Maybe she’ll post more thoughtful things about writing in the genre at some point, too. Also, the site hosts her #FFFF posts from IG, shared on Fridays.

Still Learning

I’m still getting used to this being the dedicated publisher site for my authoresses but I’ll get the hang of it. Promotional posts for published works belong here. Everything else author related belongs on their sites.

You can check out the About Me page to read a few more tidbits about me, if you’d like.