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Third Week of February – Update

Update for this Third Week of February

Third Week of February, 2021.
Here’s what’s been going on this week:

Phoenix Fire Press

  • Updated all the sites
  • Added like and share buttons
  • Added “follow on WordPress” buttons
  • Added Twitter, IG, and goodreads buttons where applicable
  • Gathering information for my first post on my journey as a self-publisher

Author EIQ

  • Shared a new poem: The Bonsai
  • Hard at work on the next short story
    • Tentatively called, “Best Friends”
  • Getting things ready for publishing “The Drive”

Lizi D’Avila

  • Just uploaded her new release, Wanton at the Wine Festival
  • Getting her graphics ready to share the cover, description, and sneak peek on IG
  • Working on her Frisky Fridays Flash Fiction post
  • Getting her weekend posts ready for IG
  • Sexy Saturdays
  • Self-Care Sundays

I believe that’s plenty going on, not to mention trying to keep up with social media interactions! Plus, I cannot believe it’s already the third week of February … 2021. Is anyone still writing 2020? I wouldn’t blame you. It felt like the year that would never end.

I’ll be sharing the image and link to E. I. Q.’s new poem over on the Poetry page, as well. That way, even if you miss an update post, you’ll always know where to find them!

What’s Next?

I’m working on adding comments. Okay … I’m deciding whether or not to add comments. There’s user data to think about, not to mention spam. I’m not sure it’s something I want to have to manage at this point, to be honest. What do you think? Pop on over to the Contact Page or Twitter and let me know.

Also … yes, I realize it’s already Wednesday. Actually, now it’s Thursday. I fully intend to post these updates on Mondays but the week just slipped out of my hands. That’s part of the challenge of being indie, of course. If you don’t get things done, they simply don’t get done.

Second Week of February – Update

Weekly Update

Second week of February – Here’s what’s going on:

Author EIQ

  • A new poem will be up tomorrow, “A Heart on Fire,” and I’ll be linking to it on the Poetry Page here, as well.
  • EUNUCH has received another 5 star review!
  • E. I. Q. has submitted a new interview over at #Great Minds Love to Read
  • She’s submitted a new flash fiction story for the Weekly Write #16 contest over at Secret Attic
  • Also, she wrote her first review on goodreads which you can check out by visiting her Author Profile until she finishes setting up the Reviews Page on her site

Lizi D’Avila

  • This girl is hard at work on Book 8 in Caliente Connections, “Brazen at the Boat Show,” which should be ready by Friday … just in time for Valentine’s Day!
  • As with every release, she’s busy preparing the content posts for social media: A cover release, a detail post, and a sneak peek post.
  • Currently, she’s working on this week’s Frisky Friday Flash Fiction post
  • She’s also supporting Indie Authors by adding some KU Romances to her TBR pile for the month. Like E. I. Q., she’ll also be reviewing them on her goodreads Author Profile, and setting up a Reviews Page on her site.
  • She’s also got a surprise in store for later this year … but she’ll write that up on her own in due time 😉

Second Week of February … Am I missing anything else?

Oh! What am I doing? Aside from updating this blog with everything authors are doing, I’m also working on a short piece about my experiences as a self-publisher. There is a lot to do beyond the actual creative writing process … which is why I’m also working hard to keep all the social media channels up to date, and networking as I try to build up the reviews for both authors.

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