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A Heart on Fire

New Poem: A Heart on Fire

New poem is up at Author EIQ, “A Heart on Fire.”

Here’s some of what she had to say about it:

“A Heart on Fire is a simple poem about the most difficult topic. So much has been written about Love yet it remains undefined. It can be felt even if it cannot be described. It can be present, even if it goes unrecognized. It’s one of the few things whose store increases by being given away … and it comes in many forms, not just romantic, intimate embraces.”

Want more?

You can read the whole new poem, “A Heart on Fire,” and the rest of E. I. Q.’s musings by visiting the link above. Literally, every poem, as of now, she’s shared over on her site. You can browse to your heart’s content and read them for free. Or, you can also pick one out from our Poetry page to be redirected instantly. Which image speaks to you? Which title? Connect with us on social media from the menu in the footer and let us know!

Eventually, when she has enough poems up on her site, it’s likely we’ll be publishing a collection of poetry. Partly because it feels like the right thing to do, partly because we have to make room for more poems! How many poems do you think a collection needs? I’m thinking at least 30. At the rate she’s going, we might be able to publish a collection this year! Of course, there’s a lot to do to get a book ready for publication ….

And, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten. I’m still planning on sharing some insights on my journey as an indie publisher. It’s simply a matter of time, at this point. Because, you know … Life.

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