Poetry. That state of being we call an Art …

The poet is the priest of the invisible.

~Wallace Stevens

My Poems Used to Live Here

I’ll be linking the poems posted at the Author EIQ Poetry Page here. That way, anyone who visits here can be redirected easily. These posts have all been pulled from previous Blog posts made here, however, those have been edited to show that the poems have been rehoused at the new site.

Of course, I’ll be sharing new poetry over at Author EIQ regularly, too. But, fear not! I shall link those poems to this blog, too, so that you gentle people may find them as easily as possible.

What is up with the pretentious language? Is it just me? Does poetry make anyone else want to speak in a manner most archaic?

I wish I could stick to a particular kind of poetry, or at least a theme. Alas, I cannot. Most of my work is free form. However, I have had some pieces described as very near Slam Poems, which I take as the highest compliment. Sometimes I wish I had the performance capabilities of those gifted artists, but then I wouldn’t be me, would I?

Perhaps, if I share enough poetry over the years, I’ll have enough to compile into a book of poems one day. Wouldn’t that be lovely? In addition, if I ever make the time to practice my visual arts interests again, I might actually be able to put together something quite nice …

Before you go …

If you’re a poet, please connect with me on social media! Share your links and books and blogs! I’d love to read more of your work, especially as most of the poetry books I have on my shelves feature dead people. I want the words of the living, too!

And, if you know of any poetry submissions, whether contests or publishing opportunities, that you think might be a good fit for one of my pieces, send me a message or tag me in a post. I’ll put you on a list and keep tabs for you, too.